What’s the Best Watch Travel Case? These 7 Will Help You Decide!

Do you have a massive watch collection and travel frequently? Do you struggle with keeping your precious collections safe whenever you are on the road? Are you looking for the best watch travel case? 

Finding a model watch travel case sounds easy, but can be a hassle because you never know whether the product in front of you is actually good.

Sometimes, an expensive thing you purchased can turn out to be faulty, and that certainly puts a damper on your plans. More importantly, everyone has a specific style and choice, so you cannot just pick something solely because it works for someone else.

That is why, before you go out buying random watch travel cases, you need to know where you can get the best watch travel cases and which watch travel case suits you.

Here are the top seven and the best watch travel cases to choose from:

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1. Cheopz Watch Travel Case

The Cheopz watch travel case Single Storage Box has a smooth, donut shape to give your watch luxurious protection.

Black Cheopz Watch Travel Case

If you really want to give your favorite watch (we all have one) a place it deserves, with its crush and spill proof hardcover and a velvet interior, this watch travel case is the ultimate choice!

What We Love: It comes with a soft microfiber polishing cloth, so your timepiece feels as good as it looks.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Colors: Black, White

Get your Cheopz watch travel case here on Amazon!

2. Triple Tree Watch Roll

With the Triple Tree Watch Roll, you get a storage box of three for the price of one! How amazing is that?

Blue and Black Triple Tree Watch Roll

The watch roll is divided into three sections, all layered with the softest velvets and a unique non-slip design. It can fit into your backpack and suitcase, making it one of the best watch travel cases.

What We Love: Each slot holds a removable cushion, which can fit both small and large watches!

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown

Get the Triple Tree Watch Roll here on Amazon!  

3. MoKo Apple Watch Storage Box

Are you tired of tiptoeing around your own Apple watch? Buy the MoKo Storage Box, designed to keep both your Apple watch and your air pods safe!

Black MoKo Apple Watch Storage Box

It has a deep interior lined with silken non-scratch silicone and comes with a carabiner, making it the ideal travel companion.

What We Love: Seriously, a storage box that can protect your watch and your air pods at the same time? What’s there to not love?

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Colors: Black, Rose Gold, Navy Blue, and Space Gray

Get your MoKo Apple Watch Storage Box here on Amazon!

 4. Homeater Multiple Slot Travel Watch Box 

Ever looked at Russian dolls and wondered, “hmm, I want that but for storage”? Sounds weird, but this Homeater Multiple slot travel watch box has the same storage capacity.

Black Homeater Multiple Slot Travel Watch Box

With a stunningly long container and up to ten spacious compartments, the Homeater is definitely one of the best watch travel cases out there!

What We Love: This portable travel watch box can also be converted into a jewelry box, keeping your favorite jewels safe wherever you go!

  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Colors: Black

Get your Homeafter Travel Watch Box Case here on Amazon!

5. Barton Watch Roll

Need a perfect blend of leather and canvas? Go for Barton’s Waxed Canvas Travel Watch Roll.

Brown Leather Barton Watch Roll

Made from the finest canvas and with an extendable leather strap, this watch roll certainly takes the cake when it comes to the best watch travel cases.

What We Love: It has custom stitching and can be rolled without damaging the watch, easily fitting into your travel bag.

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Colors: A mix between shades of brown

Get your Barton Watch Roll here on Amazon!

6. Rinvanic Watch Band Organizer

Protecting your dials is essential, but even watch bands need protection. So, if you’re trying to figure out a space for your watch bands, you should look into Rinvanic’s Watch Band Organizer, which has a capacity for up to ten bands!

Rinvanic Watch Band Organizer Multicolor

What We Love: This watch band organizer is compatible with all watch brands, including Samsung, Apple, and Garmin!

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Purple

Get your Rinvanic Watch Band Organizer here on Amazon!

7. Vlando Jewelry Box and Travel Watch Storage

A fancy, multipurpose travel storage box, The Vlando Jewelry, and Watch Box is equipped to fit rings, earrings, lipsticks, watches, and necklaces simultaneously! 

Rose Gold Vlando Jewelry Box and Travel Watch Storage

What We Love: It comes in two varieties: One with a mirror and one with a pocket; whatever suits you best!

  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Colors: Gray, White

Get your Vlando Jewelry Box and Travel Watch Case here on Amazon!

What to Know When it comes to Choosing the Best Option:

Let’s go through a few things that you need to keep in mind when picking out the top travel case for your trip.

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Do I even need a watch travel case?

Without a doubt! Carrying watches in a random bag could severely scratch them or can get dirt and debris stuck in their dials, which can be a real pain to clean. It’s better to get a travel case.

Is a water-resistant watch case necessary?

Honestly, yes. You may think you take the best care of your watches, but even accidental contact with water can ruin them and stop them from working, which is why it’s best if you get one with a waterproof cover.

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What if the interior is not velvet?

Most travel watch cases have a velvet interior, which works best because it does not scar your watch. You can get one with a soft, non-scratch silicone but if you have to go for other materials, then make sure to get a microfiber cloth to keep the watch safer.

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Do Brand Names Matter?

When it comes to luxurious items, famous brand names do matter. But that does not mean you shouldn’t go for other brands as well; maybe the brand that you keep hearing about is not the best choice for you, so choose a travel case based on what your watches are and you need.

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Jacksonville Florida City Skyline in the Bay Canva

What else do I need to look for to find the best watch travel case?

Look into what kind of watches you own and find the watch travel case which will easily fit all the watch sizes. You should also really focus on pricing; expensive does not guarantee the quality, so pick what you think is the best choice!

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5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Watch Travel Case

Here are some tips for choosing the best carrier that will work for you on your vacation:

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1. Think about the weight

Watch travel cases can get really heavy and make carrying watches a literal burden, so pick a watch travel case that is light and compact. Remember, you should like the watch travel case the weigh it is (pun intended!)

2. Choose function over aesthetic

You may fall for what’s pretty, but if it’s all aesthetic and no function, then there’s no use in getting a watch travel case. Make sure the purchase you’re making is functional, multipurpose, and has great capacity.

3. Be Material-istic

When it comes to finding the best watch travel case, being picky over materials really puts things into perspective. Egg crate foam, nylon, velvet, silicone, microfiber, and velour are some of the best interiors layering you can find.

If you want something more traditional, you can always lean back on leather and waxed canvas with soft, extra covering.

4. Listen to your gut

Here’s the most important tip: always follow your gut feeling. If your gut tells you to buy a specific watch travel case, just go with the flow. We promise, you won’t have to stomach (pun intended) a bad experience.

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5. Simplicity is the key

Just going for a product because of its complexity can actually do you more harm. Look for simpler and easier products, and you will certainly find the one that calls out to your heart!

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Wrapping Up…

Well, I certainly hope this list helped you pick the best watch travel case and that you’re now making your way to another travel destination, with your timepieces safe and sound!

What's the Best Watch Travel Case
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Happy Travels from The Florida Hipster!


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