Can I Carry-on a Shaving Razor? Everything You MUST Know Before Your Trip!

The list of what you can pack in your carry-on and what you can’t pack can be confusing. Sure, you can take liquids under 3.4 oz are permitted, but what about a carry-on shaving razor?

If you’re like most people, you assume you can’t bring a carry-on shaving razor in your bag. Surprisingly, with a few rules, you can bring a razor or bag of razors in your carry-on. Now you can skip the grocery store hunt for razors when you land. 

Keep ahead of the TSA rules for carry-on shaving razors by reading through my guide below.

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Can You Pack Shaving Razors on a Plane Checked Luggage or Carry-On?

Here’s the low-down on shaving razors – disposable options are okay to bring in your carry-on.

Can carry-on a shaving razor pink razor on white background for travel

This rule includes fully disposable razors, shavers with changeable razor heads, and extra razor heads. Electric razors are also packable in your carry-on bag.

Unfortunately, you cannot pack straight razors in your carry-on. This type of shaving razor needs to go into checked luggage.

Can carry-on a shaving razor airport baggage claim

Safety razors are a little different – you can only put them in your carry-on suitcase without the blade. You’ll need to store the blade for this type of razor in your checked bag(s). 

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5 Additional TSA Carry-on Rules You Should Know Before Your Trip

Here’s a quick run-down of other TSA rules you should know before your next trip. 

Can carry-on a shaving razor black couple walking through the airport

1. Batteries are Allowed in Carry-on Bags

Many people think you can’t bring batteries in your carry-on or checked bags. The truth is, you can bring batteries, but only certain kinds.

Can carry-on a shaving razor internet batteries charging

The main types of batteries you can’t bring are car batteries, spillable batteries, or wet batteries.

2. Put Chargers in Your Carry-on Bag

You should always pack battery chargers, portable battery banks, and portable batteries in your carry-on. These items are not allowed in checked luggage. 

Can carry-on a shaving razor pink port charger

This is because power banks are usually made of lithium which may increase the tendency of combustion when at higher altitudes.

You are allowed to carry-on these items because if anything serious happened, you and the crew could catch it right away.

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3. Solid makeup is okay, but liquids, creams, gels, pastes, and lotions have restrictions

You can bring any amount of solid makeup that you’d like in your carry-on, like powder foundations, setting powder, and powder highlighter without issue. 

Can carry-on a shaving razor makeup next to travel bag

Any makeup that’s in liquid form needs to be in quantities of 3.4 ounces or less. Your liquids need to be able to fit into one quart-sized bag.

Can carry-on a shaving razor with small quart size bag to hold toiletries

Any additional liquids you have or liquids that are larger will need to go into your checked bag. 

4. Shampoo and Conditioners Also Need to be in Travel Sizes 

The note on liquids above applies to any liquids you have – including shampoo and conditioners (and toothpaste!). Shampoo and conditioners need to be under 3.4 oz and fit into your one allotted quart baggie. 

Can carry-on a shaving razor blue travel luggage with toiletries on the top

Any larger liquids must be put into your checked bag before going through TSA. If you don’t, there’s a high chance TSA will toss any extra products in your carry-on that don’t fit into the quart bag. 

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5. Skip Bringing Other Sharp Objects in Your Carry-on Luggage

Other sharp objects are not allowed in your carry-on bag, such as box cutters, knives, etc. These can be brought on checked luggage, though it’s necessary to ensure they are correctly packed and wrapped for safety.

Can carry-on a shaving razors on blue, yellow, and pink background

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5 Best Disposable Razors for Travel on Amazon

If you’re unsure which disposable carry-on shaving razor options are best for travel; you can check out the below list. These razors are all found on Amazon and are great to travel with.

Can carry-on a shaving razor with gold and white electric shaver next to pink one

1.  Alleyoop Portable Travel Razors for Women

Compact and easy to travel with, this portable razor is TSA-approved. 

Alleyoop Portable Carry-on Shaver for Travel

Why we LOVE it: It comes with a moisturizing bar, water spray bottle, extra razor heads, and a cover to avoid getting a nick on your hands when fishing this razor out of your bag. It’s the perfect option for the always-on-the-go traveler since you can use it anywhere.

Amazon Ratings: 4.3 out 5

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2. Gillette Venus Mini Extra Smooth Razors for Women

The Gillette Venus minis are an adorable travel-ready option to replace your favorite full-sized Gillette Venus razors.

Gillette Venus Mini Extra Smooth Razors for Women for Travel

Why we LOVE it: This on-the-go razor comes with a convenient travel pack and an extra razor head. 

It even has a pivoting head like the standard Gillette Venus standard razors. 

Amazon Ratings: 4.7 out 5

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3. Gillette ProGlide Shield Premium Edition Razors for Men

This sleek razor option comes with a convenient travel case, eight refills, and a ProShield razor handle. 

Gillette ProGlide Shield Premium Edition Razors for Men for Carry On Travel

Why we LOVE it: It’s an ideal option for those traveling on longer trips or moving out of the country since you won’t have to replace the razors for a while. It’s a little more of a splurge than the other options, but it will last around a few months.

Amazon Ratings: 4.7 out 5

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4. Nylea Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin

This affordable razor option is ideal for sensitive skin as it comes with an aloe and vitamin e moisturizing strip on each razor head. 

Nylea Carry On Travel Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin

Why we LOVE it: This razor also includes three razor head refills, a simple carrying case, and a safety cap. 

Amazon Ratings: 4 out 5

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5. Harry’s Razors for Men

Harry’s offers high-quality razor blades with many positive reviews. These razor blades don’t snag on facial hair and provide a close shave when you use them. 

Harry's Razors for Men Travel Set

Why we LOVE it: They come with a travel cover, five refill blades, and a travel-size shaving gel that you can put in your quart liquids bag.

Shaving cream and gel are allowed on carry-on luggage as long as they’re under 3.4 ounces.

Amazon Ratings: 4.6 out 5

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Top 3 Tips for Traveling With a Razor

Use the below TSA tips to ensure you have a smooth TSA check-in process once you arrive to your airport of choice.

Can carry-on a shaving razor teal razor on pink background

1. Opt for a Disposable Razor (or Electric Razor)

Skip the hassle of straight razors and safety razors and bring disposable razors.

Can carry-on a shaving razor with silver electric razor on white background

Can you bring I bring an electric razor in my carry-on?

Yes you can! You can choose an electric shaver for an easy security check. If you must bring a safety razor or straight razor, remember that you’ll need a checked bag for these options. 

2. Use a Safety Cover

There are two reasons you should always travel with a safety cover on your razors. One to prevent your fingers from getting cut when you grab it out of your bag.

United Airlines at the Airport

Two, if you have other delicate items in your carry-on, there’s a chance an uncovered razor may rub on or cut your items. 

3. Bring a Travel Case

Organization is key to success when traveling. If your extra razor heads are falling all over your bag, they’ll be more challenging to find later when you’re at your destination.

Can carry-on a shaving razor travel bag

Keep everything secured in a travel bag so you can easily find your razor and razor accessories.  

Final Thoughts on Bringing a Disposable Razor in Your Carry-on Bag

If you’re going on a trip and only plan on taking a carry-on, go ahead and pack that shaving razor. Just make sure it’s a disposable option, and you’re good to go! 

Can You Bring a Razor on Your Carry-on Bag
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Check out the above shaving razor options before heading on your next trip for convenient carry-on shaving razor choices!

Happy Florida Travels!

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