Looking for the Best Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling? These 7 Are the Top Finds! 

Are you looking for the absolute BEST anti-theft sling bag for traveling this year?

The 90s are back and with it comes forgotten trends like sling bags, which are the more hip and edgier not-so-distant cousins of fanny packs. 

Sling bags held their reign in the 1990s, but if you’re following current fashion trends, you’ll notice that they are making quite the comeback. 

But you may be asking yourself, what are sling bags and why are they perfect for traveling?

The sling bags are a cross between backpacks and purses as they sit across your body with the one strap hanging off the shoulder of choice. 

They hold small valuables like phones, wallets, and keys, making them the best bag option for travelers who need only the essentials as they go about their itineraries. 

I also believe they are the safer choice when you’re in a city known for pickpocketing because of how small the bags are and how they sit across your body. 

Since sling bags are back in style, I want to show you 7 of the best sling bags that keep overall comfort, safety, and efficiency in mind.

Best Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling with fashionable black woman

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1. Nicgid Sling Bag Crossbody 

Why We Love It: Made with high-quality water-resistant nylon material, this bag holds multiple compartments with different sizing for the different essentials you want to bring with you. 

Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bags

This bag is bigger than the usual sling bag and can fit larger items like an umbrella, a small book, a tablet and more. It’s perfect for traveling, hiking, or a day at the theme park.

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2. Travelon Anti-theft Sling Bag for Traveling 

Why We Love It: Another easy travel bag for men and women, this Travelon sling bag is perfect for storing a mini iPad, a water bottle, and essentials like phones and keys. 

G4Free Sling Bags Men Women Shoulder Backpack Small Cross Body Chest Sling Backpack

It comes in over 20 different colors and designs and is small and lightweight enough to carry around all day.

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3. Versatile Canvas Travel Sling Bag

Why We Love It: This versatile over the shoulder bag is designed for comfort so you don’t feel aching or pain when you wear it. 

Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack | Wear Over Shoulder or Crossbody (Black)

It can be placed on your back or on your front and has a convenient phone pocket to keep it close by. This bag comes in black and gray and is incredibly durable, water-resistant, and includes reflective materials for your safety.

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4. Canvas Travel Sling Bag

Why We Love It: Now this bag is a fashion statement! This multi-functional and multi-purpose bag can be used as a regular backpack with two straps or as a cross bag where you can zipper the straps together to create one strap. 

Canvas Sling Bag - Small Crossbody Backpack Shoulder Casual Daypack Multipurpose Rucksack for Men Women

It also includes a hidden anti-theft pocket that’s hard to see and can’t be picked easily. Shop these beautiful bags at the link in the title.

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5. OZUKO Sling Bag for Traveling

Why We Love It: The Ozuko Sling Backpack was made to protect your belongings when you’re out and about. 

OZUKO Sling Backpack Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack Shoulder Casual Daypack Rucksack for Men

The body, which is made from water-resistant oxford cloth, extends farther out than the other options. This feature makes it perfect to store many items like clothes, books, or your laptop. 

It comes with a lockable zipper and an anti-theft and ergonomic design making it a great choice when you want to feel safer.

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6. Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Why We Love It: If you’re looking for a bag that can carry all your essentials while looking chic and sleek, Travelon’s messenger bag is the option for you. 

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag, Nutmeg

This tote bag is roomie, has zippered pockets, a 5-point anti-theft security system, and a magnetic feature. The Travelon sling bag also has a large flap and lock that make it safer to wear around. 

Fit for both men and women, this is a great option if you’re looking to bring more belongings with you.

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7. JUMO CYLY Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling

Why We Love It: This sling bag weighs 1.32 pounds. and is made from high-density, water and tear-resistant oxford fabric. 

JUMO CYLY Anti-Theft Sling Chest Bag, Waterproof Crossbody Shoulder Bag Backpack Travel Casual Daypack with USB Charging Port

It has a solid shell structure which adds a level of resiliency and protection to your belongings. The main storage is large enough to fit books, your iPad, and other items of your choosing. 

Also, the best part about this bag is the USB charging port that sits connected to your power bank. This power bank is located on the inside of the sling bag (the power bank is not included).

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Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling

Sling bags have not only come back in style as a fun accessory that’s comfortable to wear across your body, but they’ve also been designed so securely that you can finally travel with peace of mind. 

Best Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling with black lady and black man using a fanny pack

There are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from as well as sizes depending on what all you need to carry with you. 

Best Anti-Theft Sling Bag for Traveling with red and burnt orange travel purses

Whether you’re traveling abroad this year or just checking out a few hiking trails near your home, sling bags are the perfect versatile bag that’ll make your day trip that much better.

7 best Anti-Theft Sling bags for Travel
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What’s your favorite sling bag for travel on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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