39 Best Souvenirs From Florida You MUST BUY from Your Trip!

Are you looking for the best souvenirs from Florida to help commemorate your trip?

Florida is a state full of many great gifts and souvenirs. Known for it’s yearlong sunshine, majestic beaches, outstanding theme parks, charming springs and other tourist destinations, Florida is ready for you to come and take a much needed vacation.

On that vacation, you’ll want to know what are good souvenir gifts that you can bring back home that best represents what Florida is known for. So, today I will answer: what are the best souvenirs from Florida?

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Florida Keys and Key West Souvenirs

Key West is a small island chain in the southernmost region of Florida. It’s most famous for its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle. But did you know that Key West is also home special types of Florida gifts?

Gulf Coast Florida Beach with swaying brown grass

1. Conch Shells

The conch shell is a symbol of the island of Key West. It is featured in many art forms, including the official city flag. The shell is also used in the logo for the Key West Police Department and for the Key West International Airport.

Concho from Key West Florida

It’s one of the best souvenirs from Florida that truly represents the sunshine state.

2. Key West inspired T-Shirts

No trip to any Florida vacation destination is complete without having a t-shirt to commemorate your visit.

Key West Shirt one of the best Florida souvenirs

3. A Classic Key West Key Chains

Key chains are another classic touristy type souvenir that’s a favorite to collect. You may be a collector who loves to store them on a shelf at home or you may be that type of person who likes to change out your key chains based on your mood…

…AND I’m so loving that about you!

Key West Chain Florida Souvenir

4: Key West Magnets

Of course magnets would be on this list. You’ll find these colorful Florida souvenirs all over Key West.

Key West Magnet one of the best Florida souvenirs

5: Shot Glasses

Buying a shot glass used to be one of my trip highlights, especially to places like Key West, Florida. Now I’m a bit older and my favorite item to collect is a coffee mug, but I won’t judge you if you like your shot glasses!

Key West Florida Shot Glass

6. Cigars

Cigars are a traditional way to celebrate a special occasion. In Key West, cigars are not just for celebration, they are a way of life.

Cigar Making in Key West Florida

Cigar making in this part of Florida dates back to 1831 and although many of the factors no longer exist there, the cigar culture is still thriving in Key West.

7. Blown Glass

Glass blowing is a very old art that has been used for centuries. It is the process of using fire to melt a piece of glass, then shaping it by blowing air into it. It is a very difficult skill to master, but it can be done by anyone with a lot of patience and practice.

Blown Glass from Key West Florida

You’ll find a lot of these special pieces around Key West.

8. Key Lime Products

The Key Lime is a staple symbol of Key West, Florida and if you’re visiting this part of the sunshine state, you have to try at least one product around this citrus fruit.

Also, the Key Lime Pie is a delicious Florida dessert that is found in many restaurants and cafes throughout the Keys.

Key Lime Pie from Key West Florida

The pie is made from an easy-to-make graham cracker crust, topped with a velvety smooth filling made from sweetened condensed milk, yogurt, and limes. The pie can be garnished with whipped cream and even toasted coconut.

Other Key Lime Products you should look out for:

  • Candy
  • Sauces
  • Cookies
  • Candles
  • Tea
  • Body Care

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Miami Souvenirs

Miami Florida South Beach Strip

9. Miami Beach T-Shirts

Miami is a city of glamour, luxury and sunshine. You want your t-shirt to reflect that when you return home. So, I recommend getting a shirt that truly represents this lively Florida city with the vice-like colors of teal and pink.

Miami Beach Shirt one of the best Florida souvenirs

10. Local Jam and Preserves from Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market

Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market is a popular open-air market of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. It is not only a place for shopping but also a place for entertainment. On weekends, the market is crowded with tourists and locals.

Lincoln's Farmers Market Miami Beach Florida

It is located in South Beach, Miami Beach at the Lincoln Road Mall and is open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This Farmer’s Market is a great place to people watch and pick up some of my top recommended Florida souvenirs like jams, jellies and honey.

11. A Miami Beach Tote Bags

You can never have too many bags. After all, life calls for all types of occasions and you’ll want a bag to match each one.

South Beach Miami Tote Bag

Just make sure you choose one that reflects the culture of Miami and one that is also durable.

12. Art Deco Posters

A true Miami souvenir will reflect the Art Deco period. This art is colorful, eclectic and has lots of intricate details.

Miami Art Deco Poster

Getting an Art Deco inspired poster is one of the best souvenirs from Florida that you can buy.

13. Miami Beach Mugs

Like I mentioned before, my favorite travel souvenirs to buy are coffee mugs. Since I love my daily morning cup, I like to change my mug up based on my mood. If you’re like me, you’ll want to pick up a mug to reflect this high-energy Florida city.

Miami Beach Coffee Mug

14. Unique Miami Food like Plantain Chips (Chifle’s)

Plantain chips are a must buy! They represent the heavy Caribbean culture and influence in Miami and it just makes for a good snack.

Unique Miami Food like Plantain Chips Chifle's

15. Spices and Seasoning (Badia Spices)

Great spices and seasonings are also a staple to the Miami city culture which is also due to the Caribbean influence as well.

Badia Spices and Seasonings from Miami Florida

No trip to Miami would be complete without mentioning Badia Spices which is is one of today’s leading family-owned Hispanic food companies based out of south Florida.

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Florida Beach Souvenirs

Fort Myers Florida Vacation Souvenir with Shells

16. Homemade Sandals and Flip Flops

Of course you have to have a great pair of sandals and flip flops to represent the Florida beach life from your trip!

Orange and White Flip Flops on Florida Beach

17. Beach Towel

The beach towel is a classic Florida souvenir that is as touristy as you can get from the sunshine state and I love it!

Blue Florida Beach Towel of the State

You’re going to want to make sure that you pick out one that is oversized with the cheesy imagery of palm trees and Pina Coladas.

18. Sand

In some Florida Gift shops,  you can buy sand from the Florida beaches that is presented in a charming way.

Florida Beach Sand a Great Souvenir from Florida

19. Hats and Caps

These are a must have to help you block out the sunrays that constantly pound Florida visitors. You can find Florida inspired hats in many of the shopping stores throughout the state.

Florida Black White and Yellow John Deere Hat a Perfect Souvenir from Florida

20. Postcards

Collecting postcards is still a fun way to remember your Florida vacation. I don’t care that we have smartphones to capture our memories, there’s still nothing like having a postcard to show off your trip around the sunshine state.

Greetings From Florida Postcard

21. Sponges (from Tarpon Springs)

Tarpon Springs is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. This city is a popular tourist destination because it is known for its sponge diving history.

Sponge Tarpon Springs Florida

So, you’ll definitely one to buy a unique aquatic sponge from this coastal town. It’s one of the best souvenirs from Florida that you can collect.

Walt Disney World Souvenirs

Epcot Japan Pavilion

22. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

Because no Disney trip is complete without Mickey or Minnie ears! The rose gold Minnie ears were the hottest Disney item of the year, selling out within the first day of release.

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Ears from Disney

23. Disney T-Shirts

If you know me, then you know I love a good Disney shirt. However, I don’t want to spend all my money when it comes to buying one. So when you get to Florida, be sure to stop by Five Below to choose as many Disney shirts as you’d like for only $5 each!

Disney Shirt of Villains at Five Below
$5 Disney Shirts from Five Below

24. Refillable Resort Mug at Disney

These are 16 ounce mugs that you can find all over the Walt Disney World Resort. They’re usually stylish and come in all types of designs making it a perfect collector’s item.

Not to mention, once you pay for the mug, you can refill your cup for free throughout your Walt Disney World vacation.

Chip from Beauty and the Beast Coffee or Tea Mug
Don’t miss out on this fun little tea mug of Chip.

25. Disney Pins

Jump start your Disney pin collection by buying a pack online or at the theme parks. Trading pins are always a great Florida souvenir to gift to someone. They’re usually inexpensive and easy to ship if needed.

Star War Millennium Falcon Disney Pins are some of the best souvenirs from Florida

26. Refillable Popcorn Buckets

Popcorn buckets are now a Disney iconic staple for anyone visiting the magical parks. They are extravagant and are more than just an item to enjoy popcorn.

You can display these Disney refillable popcorn buckets all over your house. They’re some of the best souvenirs from Florida to collect.

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27. Park Maps

Who loves collecting theme park maps? Me, Me, Me! Over here!

Cinderella Castle at Disney World

Not only are they free, it’s a good way to see how the Disney parks have changed over time the longer you collect them.

28. Autograph books

This is a classic Disney Souvenir that you can have to get autographs from the Disney characters.

Disney Character Autograph Book with Fab Five Mickey Mouse

29. Pressed Pennies

Collecting pressed pennies from all over the Disney World parks is a fun way to commentate your Florida trip.

30. Disney Buttons

Some of the special buttons let people know that’s your first visit, your birthday, your anniversary and so much more!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Tree of Life

Hipster Power Tip: Don’t forget to collect more Florida souvenirs from the other theme parks in the state such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Best Florida Souvenirs

Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

31. Starbucks Florida Mug From The Various Cities You Visit

Collecting Starbucks mugs are so much fun. You can find a variety of designs throughout the state. So be sure to purchase one from the Florida city that you visit.

Florida Gift Shop with Florida Shirts

32. Florida Wine

Believe it or not, Florida has some amazing wineries across the state that offers free tours. Be sure to visit one of these locations and purchase some wine to take home.

Florida winery enjoying glasses on the beach

33. Astronaut Helmet from Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is place you must stop by while visiting Florida. Not only do they have some out-of-this-world attractions and experience, they also have some of the best Florida gifts to buy such as an Astronaut helmet.

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Liftoff

34. Alligator Head

You’re in Florida so you know that the alligator is represented all over the state. They are very common here and if you’re into collecting unique items, then you may want to consider buying this souvenir.

Florida Souvenir Gators

35. Novelty License Plate

This is a fun gift to buy that’s cheap, easy to carry around, customizable, and fun to hang up inside your home.

36. T-shirts From Each Florida City You Visit

Again, t-shirts are the way to go when you’re traveling throughout the state. You can usually find these shirts at the local tourist shops of each Florida city.

Florida Gift Shop with Shirts

37. Fountain of Youth Water from St. Augustine

You can sip on water from the Fountain of Youth at Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine, Florida while touring the city.

Fountain of Youth Ponce De Leon St Augustine Florida

38. Oranges

Of course, no trip to Florida is complete without trying the fruit that we’re most known for, the orange. Throughout your travels on the state highways and backroads, you’ll find orange stands and stores dedicated to this citrusy fruit.

Florida Orange Grove

39. Florida Scented Candles

Be sure to support the small businesses throughout the state and purchase a candle made by a local commemorating the incredible smells of some of the best scents such as our famous beaches.

White Candles on Florida Beach

Florida Souvenir Shops

Now that you know what the best Florida gifts are, let’s go over where you can get these items.

Florida Gift Shop in Kissimmee
US Gift Factory Orlando in Promenade at Sunset Walk

Do keep in mind that you can purchase many of these souvenirs online or from a local Florida gift shop. 

  • The Florida Key Lime Pie Company in Key West, Florida
  • Winter Park Famer’s Market in Winter Park, Florida
  • Pass-A-Grille Way in St. Pete Beach, Florida
  • Old Naples’s Surf Shop in Naples, Florida
  • US Gift Factory Orlando in Promenade at Sunset Walk

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Wrapping Up…

Florida is a great state full of many wonderful gifts and souvenirs for you to find on your vacation. The gifts listed above are some of the best souvenirs from Florida that I always recommend to anyone visiting our spectacular state.

39 Things you must buy from Florida
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Happy Florida Travels!


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