Ultimate Guide to the 5 BEST Carry-on Quart Size Bags that Perfect for Travel and Are TSA Approved

Are you looking for one of the best carry-on quart size bags for your vacation this year?

As summer approaches, we are all itching to get on a plane and explore the globe.

It’s time to stop baking banana bread and scrolling TikTok because travel is back on the table! 

Whether you’re heading for a one night city break with limited luggage or jetting off on an exotic vacation, it is likely you will be taking liquids of some form in your carry-on. 

Airports worldwide are a bit of jungle right now and anything you can do to make the travel experience more seamless is a bonus.

Something as simple as using a quart size bag for your liquids is extremely beneficial when traveling. 

If you are yet to invest in a quart size bag for your liquids or you’re due an upgrade, I’ve found the five best carry-on quart size bags that are perfect for travel. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags with luggage looking out at airplane

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1. Wandf 2-Piece Set

The Wandf 2 piece set has everything you need for the perfect quart size bag and is TSA approved.

I love that the bag’s thick material is long-lasting and durable giving you years of reliable usage and proving to be exceptional value for money. 

TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag wih Zippers Carry-on Travel Accessories Quart Size Toiletries Cosmetic Pouch Makeup Bags for Men and Women (2 pcs)
  • TSA APPROVED — Made of clear PVC fabric, the WANDF toiletry bag strictly adheres to TSA 3-1-1 liquids rules for carry-on bags on all airlines. This makeup bag measures 7.7 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches, which is large enough to hold 100ml liquid bottles. It helps individuals spot items without rummaging through the bag. You cannot imagine how quickly and easily this clear shower bag can help you pass through security screening or find the items you need!
  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC & REINFORCED SEAMS — Made with 0.6mm thick transparent PVC, the WANDF transparent large toiletry bag is more durable and sturdy than most other products. Reinforced seams ensure that it never tears, keeping your travel make-ups or toiletries well-organized. No need to worry about the travel toiletry bag splitting easily and cosmetics spreading everywhere anymore!
  • HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPERS — Sturdy metal zippers work smoothly and can be closed firmly. Better than typical products, the WANDF clear cosmetic bag comes with a metal lock buckle, preventing zippers from falling off and providing an additional layer of protection for your items.

Why We Love It: With heavy duty zippers, you can be assured that the zip won’t be easily damaged and with its lockable function, your items have extra protection. 

At just 0.13 pounds, the Wandf quart size bag is lightweight and will make an ideal travel companion you.

In addition, this 2 piece set provides a quart size bag for both you and a partner or family member. 

Amazon Rating: 4.7

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2. Tanto Hanging Toiletry Bag

For the ultimate travel toiletry bag, look no further than the Tanto hanging toiletry bag. This bag features four partitions to store your toiletries and keep items separate. 

Hanging Toiletry Bag, Clear Travel Toiletry Bag with Detachable TSA Approved Clear Bag Airline 3-1-1 On Compliant Bag Large Makeup Bag for Men and Women (Black)
  • ENOUGH ROOM:This clear toiletry bag has 4 partitions, and there is enough space to place your daily toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mask, skincare, etc. The partition design makes your belongings more tidy. The second and third layers are equipped with retractable straps to fix items and prevent messing up. There is also a waterproof layer on the outside of each layer to ensure that the contents inside will not be wetted by water when used in the bathroom.
  • DETACHABLE TSA APPROVED SMALL CLEAR BAG: The Hanging Toiletry Bag with a Detachable Small Clear Bag at the bottom. You can use this small bag as a separate cosmetic bag, or you can use it to hold some daily items, such as headphones, keys, etc.The small clear bag is a TSA approved toiletry bag, quart size, compliant with TSA 3-1-1 rules and regulations of all airlines, Easy and quick to pass through airport security.
  • CONVENIENT DURABLE METAL HOOK FOR HANGING: The Hanging Toiletry Bag make for travel more convenient and portable, it comes with a built-in Metal Hook perfect for hanging your bag to allow for fast access to your items. The hook can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to easily hang it anywhere.A side handle is included to ensure that carrying your bag while traveling is made easy.

Why We Love It: With a 360-degree rotating metal hook, this toiletry bag can be hung from anywhere for easy access to all your essential items. 

I love using this one because the entire toiletry bag is completely waterproof, including the zippers, reassuring you that any leaks will be completely contained. 

However, the Tanto toiletry bag’s best feature is the detachable TSA approved quart sized bag, perfect for your liquid items. Simply zip off the quart size bag for airport screening. 

Amazon Rating: 4.5

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3. Packism Clear Toiletry Bag

This airline compliant bag is TSA approved and has an outstanding number of 5 star ratings.

Lightweight and durable, the Packism quart size bag features a large top opening for easier access to your items. One of the reasons I love it and had to add it to this list!

Why We Love It: The Packism Clear Toiletry Bag comes in a variety of colors providing your quart size bag with a splash of vibrance.

Available to purchase as either a set of 2, 3 or 5, you and a partner or even the whole family will have the perfect carry-on quart size bag.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

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4. TRIPPED Toiletry Kit

A worthy contender for the best hanging toiletry bag, the TRIPPED Toiletry Kit features 3 spacious storage compartments and an accessory storage pouch. 

Toiletry Bag Kit Set: Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag + 311 TSA Cosmetic Liquid Bag + Ultralight Accessory Organizer Pouch Grey
  • TOILETRY BAG SET FOR TRAVEL: Unique 3 piece set that you customize to fit your travels. Pack heavy or pack light- take these bags for a quick overnight stay, camping for the weekend or for a year long backpacking trip!
  • HANGING TOILETRY BAG: Has its own 311 TSA liquid bag for short trips. Detachable clear plastic bag holds four 3 oz liquids and secures tightly to hanging bag with metal snaps. Black mesh pockets on folding bag expand and stretch to hold everything. (Dimensions folded 10in x 7in x 2in / unfolded 21in X 10in x 2in)
  • TSA 311 LIQUIDS BAG: Quart-sized bag clear plastic bag for airport security. Clip anywhere and even use as a shower tote! Has an adjustable plastic quickclip to secure around shower heads or towels racks. (Dimensions 8in x 6in x 2in)

Why We Love It: The bag features two black mesh pockets, perfect for storing private items, and a detachable clear plastic quart size bag for liquids.

Also, the entire toiletry bag zips up into one neat bag whilst the quart size bag can be quickly unsnapped for TSA screening.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

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5. Miamica Toiletry Bag Kit

Your ultimate travel companion is here, the Miamica Toiletry Bag Kit! This TSA compliant toiletry kit offers chic organization with a beautiful 12-piece set. 

MIAMICA TSA Compliant Travel Bottles and Travel Toiletry Bag – Includes 12 Pieces – 7.55″ L x 7.4″ W x 1.8″ D, Clear – Cute Travel Gifts
  • TSA COMPLIANT TOILETRY KIT – This Miamica TSA compliant travel toiletry bag will help keep your beauty products organized and secure for your next adventure. You’re clear for take-off and ready to breeze through airport security in style!
  • INCLUDES 12 PIECES – This travel toiletry bag for women includes 12 pieces to keep products safe: 1 clear toiletry pouch, 1 spray bottle, 4 snap-top bottles, 3 screw-top jars, 1 spatula, 1 funnel, & labels. While sizes vary, all containers are under 3oz.
  • STYLISH ORGANIZATION – This clear toiletry bag is the perfect combination of style and function. The included spatula and funnel make for easy transferring of beauty products while the labels help you stay organized.

Why We Love It: The set includes a cute, clear, quart size bag, 8 carry-on approved containers, a funnel, spatula and bottle labels. 

No need to spend extra money purchasing travel-sized miniatures, decant your everyday and favorite products into the travel containers included in the set. 

Coordinating items are also available from Miamica including luggage tags, packing cubes and pill boxes so you can truly travel in style.

Amazon Rating: 4.4

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What to Know Before You Start Packing for Your Vacation

You now know about the 5 best quart size carry-on bags that are perfect for travel, let’s go over why a these bags are essential and how to pack them.

Keep reading learn about what to pack for Florida and how to create the best Florida Packing List my clothes laid out on the bed with backpack

Why should I have a quart size bag in my carry-on?

TSA and other travel security authorities worldwide require that all carry-on liquids be placed in a clear plastic bag for the security process. 

The use of transparent bags to contain liquids is designed to speed up the screening process at security. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags going through TSA in the airport

Any liquids to be taken onboard an aircraft as carry-on luggage must be screened separately and kept together in a clear bag so they are readily visible to screeners if required. 

Also, any liquids can therefore be easily checked and identified by TSA agents if necessary. 

So, why should you invest in a carry-on quart size bag? 

Well, it is a legal requirement to place all carry-on liquids in a clear bag so you will be using a clear bag of some sort anyway.

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags filled with items

While many people use Ziploc or resealable bags, a quart size bag is a better alternative. 

Quart Size Bags vs Ziploc Bags

The quart size bags are specifically designed for travel and help to maximize the space you have for liquid storage in your carry-on.

They are also designed to fit neatly into your carry-on bag and are structured to easily display all items in the bag clearly. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags with lady packing for vacation

Quart size bags are more durable plastic as Ziploc and other resealable bags can easily rip or be damaged in transit.

Also, quart size bags are also more eco-friendly as they are reusable and will last for years and years compared to single and limited use plastics like resealable sandwich bags.

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags with items on purple background

It is also extremely handy if you already have all of your liquids in a clear bag when you arrive at security instead of wasting time unloading your liquids into an airport provided bag.

To reduce the use of single-use plastics, many airports are now starting to charge for plastic bags if you forget to bring one for your liquids. 

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How big is a quart size bag for carry-on?

As the TSA now recommends the use of quart size bags for liquid screening, one of the most frequently asked questions is how big is a quart size bag for carry-on? 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags with items on green background

Quart size bags are the smaller aspect of your luggage and are typically either 6×9 or 7×8 inches. They have the capacity to hold approximately 1 liter or just under 34 ounces. 

The average Ziploc or resealable sandwich bag is smaller than a quart size bag and travelers using a sandwich bag will have approximately 30% less space than a quart size bag.

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags small bottles on gray background

A carry-on quart size bag will help to maximize the liquids you can take on board the aircraft.

How strict is the TSA with quart size bags?

The TSA recommends the use of quart size bags for liquids over other clear plastic bags. TSA is not strict about the size of bag you use, just that it is transparent and resealable. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags overlooking TSA Pre Check in airport

Most quart size bags are of a standard size. There are also no restrictions to how many different liquids items you carry on board as long as they fit in the quart size bag.

Can I bring two quart size bags on a plane?

The TSA does not allow two quart size bags to be taken on a plane. Each traveler is entitled to one quart size bag and any additional bags will be taken away during screening. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags in Airport Lobby

If you have any liquid items that don’t fit in your quart size bag, they will need to be placed in checked luggage or disposed of.

Acceptable Carry-on liquids for Your Flight

The TSA deems any liquid, aerosol, gel, cream, paste or spreadable item to be a liquid and they must be included in your quart size bag for screening. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags empty bottle on pink background

Whilst there are no restrictions on the number of different liquids items you can take on board a plane, there are restrictions to the size of each item.

Each item is limited to travel-sized containers and must not exceed 100ml or 3.4 ounces. 

This is based on the size of the container rather than the amount in the container so even if you have just 100ml in a 500ml bottle, this item will be deemed as too large. Any items larger than 100ml or 3.4 ounces must be stored in checked luggage or disposed of.

The only exceptions to this rule are prescribed medications and infant or toddler nourishment. Any items that fall under these categories are exempt from the 100ml rule. 

Best Carry On Quart Size Bags items on tan background

The items do not need to be placed in a clear plastic bag but all items must be declared at security.

Also, they must be of a reasonable quantity for your trip and may require additional screening. 

The following items are accepted as carry-on if over 100ml:

  • Prescribed liquids medications
  • Any prescribed creams or gels
  • Prescribed aerosols
  • Infant formula 
  • Breast milk (you do not need to travel with a child to carry breast milk)

For a list of restricted liquid items, please refer to the TSA website.

Does deodorant go in a quart size bag?

Whether your deodorant needs to go in a quart size bag depends on the type of deodorant you use.

Can carry-on a shaving razor blue travel luggage with toiletries on the top

Both aerosol and liquid roll-on deodorants need to be placed in your quart size bag as they are considered liquids. 

Large airplane prepping for flight

Gel, cream and paste deodorants are also considered to be liquid and must also go in a quart size bag. To be taken as carry-on, these items must not exceed 100ml.

Solid deodorant sticks do not need to be placed in a quart size bag and can be any size. 

Top items to put in your quart size bag

Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Good Quart Size Carry-On Bag

Now that you know all of the current guidelines, let’s go over my top tips:

  1. Quart size bags must be a transparent material for screening purposes
  2. Waterproof bags help contain any leaks
  3. Ensure the bag is lightweight for traveling in your carry-on bag
  4. A good quality, durable bag will last for years 
  5. If buying online, check out the reviews before purchasing

My Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Carry-on Quart Size Bags for Your Travels

Overall, a good quart size bag is not only convenient, it saves time, money and will last for years.

Can carry-on a shaving razor with small quart size bag to hold toiletries

Whether you’re packing enough toiletries for a mini break, ensuring you have a safety net for any luggage mishaps or just packing in-flight essentials, having a quart bag for your liquids is essential for modern day travel. 

5 Best Carry-on Quart Size Bags Perfect for Travel
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What’s your best tip for getting through TSA quickly with a carry-on? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Florida Travels!

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