What’s the BEST Lunch in Gainesville? These Top 10 Places Will Help You Decide!

Are you ready to experience the best lunch in Gainesville?

The weather is finally settling down and the perfect time to go out for a self-care and/or hangout is here, so you’re probably looking up the best lunch spots in Gainesville.

Gainesville pulls out all the stops when it comes to food, and if you’re looking for restaurants where lunch will become extraordinary, you’re looking in the right place. Spice up your staycation/vacation by going to these top ten places to get lunch in Gainesville:

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1. Chicken Salad Chick

The brainchild of home chef Stacy Brown, Chicken Salad Chick has one aim: serve you the best chicken salad in town.

Keke's and chicken salad chick in Gainesville Florida

With an updated menu with each dish as diverse and delicious as ever, you won’t be surprised why Chicken Salad Chick makes it into Gainesville’s top ten places to get lunch.

Location: 4062 Plaza Boulevard, Suite 20 Gainesville, FL 32608

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Driven by the effort to reunite people under one roof and the recipe perfected through the years, Chicken Salad Chick is so good, even Ego from Ratatouille will applaud. 

Don’t Forget to Try: Trio Meal with Classic Carol and the chicken salad with the pimento cheese make the lunch there worth a try. However, my absolute favorites are Lauryn’s Lemon Basil and the Dill-icious Diva (served seasonally).

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2. Crispy Baguette

Wish you could turn back time to the good old days? Visit Crispy Baguette, a Vietnamese infusion, where catching up with friends becomes another cherishing memory, and the light meal blows you away with its flavors.

Location: 1702 W University Ave E, Gainesville, FL 32603, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Crispy Baguette is the perfect example of “simplicity is key”; the menu is simple but so delish and well-seasoned, you won’t want to leave.

Don’t Forget to Try: The Bahn Mi and Vermicelli noodles with beef and shrimp will take your taste buds on a tantalizing ride.

3. Bolay

Fuel yourself with Bolay’s sensational menu, filled with bold flavors and impressive deals, where your average lunch takes a much-needed turn into a world of tasty dishes.

Bolay Gainesville Florida interior

This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite places to have lunch in Gainesville. The food is always fresh and the staff is super friendly!

Bolay Gainesville Florida with worker gathering zucchini noodles

Location: 2905 SW 42nd St Suite 80, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Bolay has impressively comfortable portions at an extremely affordable price; you can’t afford to miss out on this. You can even make your bowl.

Don’t Forget to Try: Try the Teriyaki Chicken and Black Rice with Sweet Potato Noodles or the Thai Shrimp and Noodles (better yet try both!); these dishes have earned major respect in Gainesville.

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4. Birdie Box

Are you tired of trying the same old sandwich but don’t want to burger off the buns? Go for Birdie Box, a popular NEW place to get lunch in Gainesville where meat-ing for a light snack is far from a mis-steak (puns intended).

If you want some of the most incredible chicken sandwiches in town, then you MUST VISIT Birdie Box!

Location: 7300 SW 35th Way, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Birdie Box serves up one-of-a-kind burgers at prices as low as $8, and hits that craving which just won’t go away. Trust us on this; try Birdie Box!

Don’t Forget to Try:  The Nashville Hot Sando is an appetizing combination of well-done chicken, and extremely hot sauce-it’ll spice things right up. 

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5. Satch Squared 

Satch Squared is your first-class pizzeria, with a fine taste for perfection, of course. Delve into a pizza lover’s heaven through Satch Squared’s hot, cheesy menu. Don’t underestimate; it’s undoubtedly among the top 10 places to get lunch in Gainesville. 

EVERYTHING here taste SPECTACULAR! You cannot go wrong with whatever pizza option you choose and don’t forget to try the waffles!!!

Location: 405 SW 4th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Unlike other pizzerias, which are open post midday only, Satch Squared offers a unique but tasty breakfast pizza and waffles!

Satchel Squared Gainesville Florida Pizza Waffle The best lunch in Gainesville.

Don’t Forget to Try: Finish a Square Cheese Pizza (with your choice of toppings) with the hot waffles served along with Satch Squared’ syrup and butter-amazing.

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6. Humble Wood Fire

Not in the mood for a heavy lunch? Humble Wood Fire has your back. This bagel shop serves fire sandwiches and melt in your mouth breakfast deals. It may look unassuming, but the food’s elite!


Humble Wood Fire Bagels Gainesville Florida The best lunch in Gainesville.

You will not get an ordinary bagel or pizza from this spot! It’s truly one of the best places to have lunch in Gainesville.

Location: 307 SW 4th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Humble Wood Fire curates pizza, breakfast sandwiches, and bagels with an undeniably appealing recipe: they are your perfect match 😉

Don’t Forget to Try: The Open-faced Nova, which is topped with fresh herbs, pickles, and soft cream cheese, is one bagel that will change your life.

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7. Sublime Tacos

Tacos, burritos, nachos, elotes… All these elite dishes are given an oomph by hardworking and talented chefs at Sublime Tacos, where even a simple taco becomes spec-taco-lar.

Sublime Tacos Gainesville Florida 4th Ave Food Park Interior

All the ingredients are fresh here and your taco will be made to order!

Location: 317 SW 4th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Sublime Tacos has huge servings but what makes it even more special is the contemporary take on traditional dishes; you truly won’t eat anywhere else once you go there.

Don’t Forget to Try: Take a bite of the Shrimp tacos, and burrito bowl-your favorite lunchtime dishes turned into pure bliss.

8. Public and General

Public & General is a gastropub slowly taking Gainesville by storm. Its chic but aesthetic ambiance combined with a series of exciting flavors and drinks call for an instant likening, but if you need more reasons, just try the food.

Location: 1000 NE 16th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Public & General is a dainty place where you can get everything from a simple burger to an exquisite charcuterie–lettuce, just say Hallelujah! 

Don’t Forget to Try: Start with charcuterie and wine, indulge in dill fries paired with a smoked burger, and finish off with steak frites-a foodie’s delight.

9. Bento

Bento takes a contemporary take on traditional Asian cuisine and is so popular that it has three branches in Gainesville alone! If that doesn’t convince you, you might as well give up food.

Bento Korean Asian Chicken Dish. The best lunch in Gainesville.

Location: 150 NW 13th St Suite 60, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Bento creates Asian fusions worth devouring, and if you’re looking for somewhere there’s consistency in quality and flavor, there’s no better place.

Don’t Forget to Try: Local eaters swear by the Poke bowl, fried rice bowl, and garlic broccoli bowl.

10. Yummy House

Yummy House is the perfect place to finally subdue those Chinese cravings that pop up at odd times and don’t seem to be satisfied. But be warned; Yummy House is so good; you’ll probably keep thinking a “bao” it.

Yummy House Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with sautéed red and green peppers. The best lunch in Gainesville.

Location: 3102 SW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States

What Makes it Worthy of A Visit: Yummy House elevates your average Chinese restaurant and gives it an extra kick through love and expertise, one spoonful needed to convince you of its excellence.

Yummy House Front Bar with menu in Florida

Don’t Forget to Try: The Hot and Sour Seafood Salad, Spicy Hunan Beef, and Seafood Tofu Pot will drive your taste buds insane!

Final Thoughts on the Best Lunch in Gainesville

You don’t have to keep looking for good restaurants in Gainesville, as there’s no place that won’t treat you right. But if you’re looking to take your palate on an adventurous journey, these top ten places to get lunch in Gainesville won’t disappoint you.

15 best places to have lunch in Gainesville
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What’s the best lunch in Gainesville to you? Let us know in the comments section below?

Happy Florida Travels!

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