What’s the Best Breakfast in Gainesville? (These 10 Will Help You Decide)

Looking for the best breakfast in Gainesville, Florida? If you are a resident of Florida or here on a trip, you are definitely in the mood to have a hearty breakfast from a place that won’t disappoint your cravings, right?

Having breakfast sounds easy but finding a good eatery is as challenging, which is why we present a list of the top ten best breakfast spots in Gainesville, Florida. Enjoy a toothsome breakfast at these eateries:

Flying Biscuit Decor in Gainesville Florida

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1. Maple Street Biscuit Company 

The Maple Street Biscuit Company is a chain of restaurants that has satisfied customers across America. The Company has one branch in Gainesville and another neighboring branch in Tioga, Florida, which are thriving because of how incredibly mouth-watering the food is. 

Maple Street Biscuit making it one of the best breakfast in Gainesville.

What Makes It Special: This best breakfast in Gainesville serves you delicious biscuits and gravies, tasty waffle combinations, and coffee so good; one cup won’t be enough, and you’ll beg for more!

Address: 3904 SW, Archer Road, Gainesville, FL, 32608

You could also hit the Tioga branch, which is only 3 miles from Gainesville: 140 SW, 12th Street, Building 5, Suite D, Newberry, Florida 32669

2. Keke’s Breakfast Café 

The Keke’s Breakfast Café-Butler North is another top-notch eatery that is spread over multiple locations. No wonder this eatery is counted as one of the best breakfast spots in Gainesville, Florida.

Keke's and chicken salad chick in Gainesville Florida

The food has people rushing over from all over the States, and it has also garnered attention among tourists. It’s the best breakfast in Gainesville if you love ginormous pancakes and waffles.

What Makes It Special: Keke’s Breakfast Café has the tastiest pancakes, waffles, and omelets. It is not only credited for its mouth-watering dishes but also for its combo offers, where you get to choose your own combination of delicacies and delights.

Address: 4062 Plaza Blvd, Suite 10, Gainesville, FL 32608

3. Luke’s New York Bagels 

Rated 4.8/ 5 on Facebook and known to be pocket-friendly, Luke’s New York Bagels certainly hits the jackpot when it comes to the best breakfast in Gainesville, Florida. If you’re a bagel lover, then this bagel shop is the perfect match for you.

Luke's New York Bagels Gainesville Florida

What Makes It Special: Crispy bacon, soft eggs, and the creamiest cheese and cream cheese bagels; what’s there not to love?

Address: 620 South Main St., Gainesville, FL, United States, Florida

4. The Leaning Pig 

Another one takes the win! The Leaning Pig is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast spots in Gainesville, Florida. When you look at its scrumptious menu, you won’t wonder why!

Salads, sandwiches, and breakfast toasts from fresh ingredients; heaven on a plate.

What Makes It Special: The breakfast at the Leaning Pig will treat you like royalty! Only the very best, delicious, and nutritious dishes are served here, making it a perfect choice for breakfast when you are visiting Gainesville, Florida.

Address: 11 SE 1st Ave Gainesville, FL 32601

5. Flying Biscuit Café 

Head over to Flying Biscuit Café, one of the best breakfast spots in Gainesville, Florida, which serves benedicts, omelets, sandwiches, and even vegetarian and vegan options.

What Makes It Special: Flying Biscuit Café has been filling stomachs for twenty-five years! The experience alone should make the cut, but once you take a mouthful of their hot benedicts, you will enjoy the truest pleasure.

Address: 4150 NW 16th Boulevard, Gainesville, FL 32605

6. 43rd Street Deli & Breakfast House 

Add another great eatery to your to-do list! 43rd Street Deli and Breakfast House is a famous spot for breakfast among locals and tourists alike. It has two branches in Gainesville alone.

What Makes It Special: Whether it be a two eggs breakfast with your choice of steaks, chops, or patties to choose from or a light biscuit special, or even a vegan and vegetarian meal, 43rd Street Deli & Breakfast House will cater to your every need.

43rd Street Diner Gainesville Florida

Don’t let the appearance fool you. This is a true staple of Gainesville.


  • South Branch: 3483 SW Williston Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States
  • West Branch: 4401 NW 25th Pl, Gainesville, FL 32606, United States

7. East End Eatery 

Eggs Benedict, sweet waffles, French toast, three-egg omelets, bagels, breakfast burritos; everything you can think of, East End Eatery serves.

43rd Street Diner Gainesville Florida

What Makes It Special: Traditional, aesthetic, modern, delicate; East End Eatery brings you the ideal blend of scrumptious breakfasts with a calm environment.

Address: 1202 NE 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA

8. Afternoon 

Dive your fork into whipped feta toast, egg, cheddar, snack plates, classic BLT, Salads, and take a sip of the best coffee served at Afternoon; indeed, a leading breakfast and brunch spot.

Afternoon Restaurant in Gainesville Florida

What Makes It Special: If you’re worried about the pandemic, Afternoon offers you a special to-go menu (take away menu), which keeps you safe and happy while keeping your tummy full.

Address: 231 NW 10th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

9. Peach Valley Café 

Peach Valley Café brings authenticity and joy to the table; the breakfast and lunch eatery are hot contenders among the best breakfasts in Gainesville, Florida. Give it a visit and experience a breakfast like no other.

Avocado Toast at Peach Valley in Gainesville Florida making it one of the best breakfast in Gainesville.

What Makes It Special: The best place to go for your cravings; Peach Valley Café serves hot soups, sandwiches, salads, breakfast classics, cereals, muffins, and wraps.

Address: 3275 SW 34th St., Gainesville, FL 32608

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10. The Bagel Bakery

The cherry on the cake; how can we talk about the best breakfast spots in Gainesville, Florida, and not include The Bagel Bakery? Appease yourself with the flavorsome breakfast at the Bagel Bakery.

The Bagel Bakery Gainesville Florida

What Makes It Special: Freshly baked bagels, creamy salads, traditional sweet breakfasts like muffins, waffles, cereals, savory delights like bagels with meat, sandwiches, and wraps; The Bagel Bakery ticks all your boxes.

Address: 4113 NW 16th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32605

Honorable Mentions

4 Simple Tips For Dining in Gainesville, Florida

Here are some tips for dining in Gainesville on your next trip.

The Gather Lounge Chicken and Waffles Breakfast Hotel Indigo Gainesville Florida
The Gather Lounge Chicken and Waffles Breakfast Hotel Indigo Gainesville Florida

1. Be Sure to Try the Eatery Specialties 

Eateries most often offer the best combinations through their specialties, so when you order the special, you know you’re in for a treat!

2. Try Something New

Sure, casual and traditional is comfortable, but most eateries hold the chance to give your taste buds something new to look forward to. Try what you haven’t, and surely, you’ll find a favorite!

The Flying Biscuit Cafe Gainesville Florida fluffy biscuits making it one of the best breakfast in Gainesville.
The Flying Biscuit Café

3. Let Loose!

This sounds weird, but most restaurants and even these breakfast spots offer a wide range of premium wines, and you shouldn’t let the opportunity pass. It’s worth a shot! (pun intended).

Satchel Squared Gainesville Florida Exterior
Satch Squared

4. Sanitize, Social Distance, and Protect

A bonus tip to prevent getting sick or risking the health of others, maintain a social distance, sanitize frequently, and wear a mask!

Final Thoughts

All of these ten spots are the best breakfast in Gainesville, Florida that you have to try. I promise that you are bound to take you and your taste buds on such a wild, flavorful ride that you’ll be unable to stop eating on your Florida foodie tour.

10 best places to have breakfast in Gainesville
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Hit these breakfast spots right now to live your dream on a plate!

Happy Florida Travels!


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